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On the inside, I'm a poet.

No, not literally. I mean, symbolically or something.

Ray Kowalski
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This is Ray Kowalski. His first name is actually Stanley, but only his mom gets to call him that without being threatened with serious bodily injury.

ray is orally fixated

Ray is a detective with the Chicago PD - currently (circa 1997) the 27th precinct, Major Crimes division. He's in his mid-to-late thirties, an inch or so shy of 6 ft., skinny, jittery, and bouncy. He speaks with a South Side Chicago accent.

Ray has done kind of a lot of undercover work in his career, which is likely one of the causes of his divorce, but which also led him to his current assignment, pretending to be another cop named Ray Vecchio who's also undercover and pretending to be a mob kingpin in Vegas. No, this doesn't make any sense, especially as the two Rays look nothing alike. Just go with it.

About that divorce. This is Stella.

the stella

Stella was Ray's Gold Coast girl, the first love he was together with - on and off - from the time he maybe-kind-of saved her life during a bank robbery when they were both 13. After a long, painful downswing in their marriage, Stella finally kicked him out three years ago. Ray's acceptance of the breakup has been...not total. None of this is helped by the fact that they have to work with each other on a semi-regular basis, as she's an Assistant State's Attorney prosecuting many of the cases Ray and Fraser work on.

This is Fraser.

you licked what?

Constable Benton Fraser is a Mountie, Ray's partner and best friend. He is near-superhumanly smart, capable, courteous, well-read, brave, and good-looking. He is also (or maybe as a result) the most irritating man on the planet, and he has a tendency to endanger Ray's life and his own in wildly bizarre ways on a near-weekly basis.

Ray takes this pretty well, considering. Well, okay, he bitches a little. Or yeah, a lot. But that's just how Ray is. And when was the last time your best friend got you handcuffed to a pipe inside a sinking ship, or pushed you out of a plane without a parachute?


Lt. Welsh: Detective, I've never met anyone with as great a capacity to piss off people as you.
Ray: Just people I don't like, sir.
Fraser: Well, no, actually, Ray, even people you do like.

Plays chess and dances surprisingly well. Boxes...less well, but competently; quick and scrappy in a fight. A reasonably good mechanic. An exceptionally good shot (if he's wearing his glasses, which he usually isn't). Unintellectual, but capable of hunches and weird intuitive jumps he doesn't even try to understand himself, which are right rather more often than you'd expect. In general, a very good cop despite his demeanor, with three official commendations for bravery in only about nine years of service, even before meeting Fraser.


Stella: Think you're smart, don't you?
Ray: Nah, you're the smart one. I'm just pretty.

Tempermental. Twitchy. Cranky. Insecure. Impatient. Usually inarticulate, though he has been known to utter the occasional beautiful paragraph. Easily distracted from the stuff you want him to be paying attention to, and bulldoggish after the things you'd rather hide. Obsessive and a little co-dependent in close relationships. Despite a basically kind nature, has never had a lot of luck making friends. Beneath the James Dean/Steve McQueen veneer of badassery, intensely dorky and rather vulnerable.

((RP journal for dizzy_land. Not affiliated with Alliance Atlantis, either of the Pauls, or Callum Keith Rennie - this is just for fun, not for profit. Layout is The Departed by grrliz at thefulcrum; it's also about 300% more noir than Due South, but Ray was into it and who am I to argue.))