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24th-Jun-2010 10:56 pm
typical day
Hi, yeah, this is Ray Vecc--Kowalski, Chicago PD. If you want to report a crime in progress try 911 or the non-emergency line at the 27th. If you got a message for me about a case or, uh, like, a personal message, you can leave it here. Thanks.

Ray the technosavvy

...How does this thing--? Hey Fraser, how do I make this thing--? Oh wait, never mind, I got it.
27th-Jul-2008 09:14 pm (UTC)
Aaaanndd, voila.

Okay, so I'm up through Odds now and I have to say... I'd forgotten how slashy season 3/ 3 and 4 were. So um, I think I need to retract my non-slashing statement. Because really.

I'll definitely blow through the rest pretty quickly here, so I figured we could start talking about stuff! I'm thinking right about where I am seems like a really good place to take them from as far as the development of their relationship goes (slashed or otherwise) definitely after Mountie on the Bounty, and I also really liked the way their relationship developed in Easy Money, so maybe after that as well.

Not that they need to be from the same time! I'm totally open to taking Fraser from either earlier or later than you take Ray, if you want to do that. Or whatever; just some thoughts.

Also, I'm trying to decided what to do about Fraser Sr. It's somewhat ambiguous in seasons 1 and 2 whether Bob is real or just in Fraser's head, but it's pretty clear in season 3/4 by who can see/interact with him that he's a real ghost. Which would technically count as me playing another character, wouldn't it? So I could choose not to have him make it to the park with Fraser, I suppose, but I'd kind of like to have him. Or I could also he's only in Fraser's head, even though I don't think that's quite accurate.
27th-Jul-2008 10:05 pm (UTC)
Yay! *dances*

Yeah, the slash in 3 & 4 is just kind of there. O_o Seriously, there were times watching the first time where I was like, "Dude, Paul, you know, you don't need to give the slashers this much material to work with. They'd be quite happy to make up stuff themselv...you say you want an underwater makeout session? Well, if you insist..." I'm up for anything on the friendship <--> slash spectrum, but I'd kind of love to at least have them spend some time confusing other residents with their obvious couplehood + apparent obliviousness. XD

As far as period goes...well, I'm inclined to say wait till you've finished the rest, and then we'll see. I really think Ray at least will need to be post-"The Ladies Man," since that ep is massively important for him, characterwise; it would be fun if he could reference, like, Maggie Mackenzie, but that's the big one. Actually I think things are least resolved between them during "Call of the Wild," what with Ray's separation anxiety and Fraser's ginormous parental trauma going on, but...yeah, let's see what you think after watching.

There's plenty of stuff to discuss in the meantime, like for instance: is their partnership taking place in one year or two? Are the episodes we see the extent of the stuff they do, or are there lots of other wacky adventures going on in between that we don't see? How consciously aware are both/either of them of the slashiness? Does the Stetson actually imbue Fraser with Mountie-superpowers? And was Ray, in fact, abducted by aliens at the age of ten? Difficult questions, all. ;)

Fraser Sr. is tricky. I dunno. It does seem like having two dependent characters (Bob and Dief) would be a handful, but I can understand the temptation, and I'm definitely inclined to think he's really there. Hmm.

In the meantime, yaying some more at all your icons and seriously contemplating getting a paid account just to have more room. At this point I've right-click-saved half of ds_icons; it's slightly insane. And then I see things like this or this and have to physically stop myself from pinging you to squee. <3!
27th-Jul-2008 10:25 pm (UTC)
I missed a lot of it when I saw the show for the first time, since I was a lot younger. I was remembering it more like the way they play it in seasons 1 and 2, where it's obviously a joke, but... yeah. You know. So I guess we can sort-of... play it by ear? At least the coupleness confusion, maybe more. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to decide for us, the way the characters always do.

Right-o will finish the rest post haste!

I'd say that the episodes are all of their most dramatic/dangerous/funny adventures, but that they had lots of others of slightly less drama, but just as wacky. Plus, you know, ordinary police work of a more boring fashion, and regular old day-to-day living.

I don't know about time frame; maybe I'll have a better idea of how long it seems like to me once I finish. What do you think?

The Stetson... is like Indiana Jones's fedora. It's powers are subtle and undefined, but definitely there. As for the aliens, I'll leave that one up to you. ~giggles~

Yeah, does seem a bit much, although I think Dief will be much more of one than Bob. Mostly he's there for the odd comments and occasional confusion as to who Benton (Hmm, guess I'll be calling him Benton in his narration. Eveyone else calls him Fraser, but I'm sure he doesn't think of himself by his last name, lol) is talking to. Would that be against the rules, though, if he is a real person? Would he have to interview and everything like Harvey did?

I'm so happy with my icons. Room for one more of Bob, and then I have a couple more slash-ish ones for later, just in case they become called for. :D
27th-Jul-2008 11:33 pm (UTC)
Which reminds me, once you're done watching, I need to send you a YouTube link to the bloopers reel. But only after you're done. Heh.

In agreement about the less dramatic adventures; I figure they also hang out a fair bit on the weekends and such, watching hockey games or going to the park or getting pizza and Chinese food. And every other month or so Ma Vecchio makes them both come to dinner. That kind of thing.

In re: the time frame: most of the fic I've seen tends to put it at around two years, but the two seasons did originally air as one, and there's a pretty strong case made here. Although damn, that's a busy not-quite-year, if so. (That's a cool site to poke through, btw: I especially enjoyed one linked-to article which informs us that Fraser's underpants are actually RCMP issued. Which I guess explains why he feels it's his duty to keep them starched and ironed.)

One of the fun things about the F/K slashiness is that it could really be any level of conscious/unconscious and still be IC. I'm definitely cool with the playing it by ear. As far as starting points go...I could see it lots of ways, but my base idea is sort of summarizable as:

Ray is not a character who spends a lot of time on self-analysis. I think he's aware of a certain amount of attraction to Fraser, but for many reasons is convinced it would be the mother of all bad ideas to act on it and has very firmly told himself that he Doesn't Think About Fraser Like That. Ever. He's noticed guys before, but self-identifies as straight because of (a) The Stella, who he was fixated on for pretty much his entire adolescence-to-manhood, and (b) the serious awkwardness of being a gay cop, with the residual sense of having been a skinny weird kid with glasses living in a bad neighborhood who got in enough fights without adding bisexuality to the reasons people would try to beat him up. He possibly is in just a bit of denial about how well he manages to repress the Fraser attraction; there's also the fact that he isn't a guy who's had a lot of close male friendships (as opposed to mentor relationships), since the central person in his life was, again, Stella. So on a weird level he almost doesn't know quite how to act with a best friend he's not crushing on, not to mention the fact that he's really supposed to be acting like Vecchio, and everyone he talked to said he and Fraser were freakishly close. So.

Does any of that make sense? What do you think?

Ben/Benton/Fraser is definitely up to you. In Easy Money he introduces himself to Quinn as "Benton" but then is promptly dubbed "Ben," which is what most of his old Canadian friends (and Victoria) call him. Seeing as how he's a pretty formal and old-fashioned person, I could see him thinking of himself as "Fraser" though, at least for the purposes of narration. *shrugs* (Which brings up the whole thing that, with the exception of Ray K, practically everyone he meets in Chicago mispronounces his name as "Frasier." Including Ray V and Frannie, who ought to know better - even Thatcher only gets it right around half the time. God, that must be annoying.) Your call; my side's easier, as all Ray can say is that anyone who calls him "Stanley" will be getting his head kicked in. ^_^

I'll have to ponder further on the Bob Fraser situation; do thou likewise. It may also partly depend on when you take Fraser from. :/ Will let you know if I feel I need to consult m'colleague or anything.
28th-Jul-2008 02:56 am (UTC)
...okay, not that you need more Dief icons, but I nearly sprained something laughing at #6 here. Had to share.
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