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On the inside, I'm a poet.
No, not literally. I mean, symbolically or something.
Game face and happy face 
12th-Oct-2008 09:06 pm
All right, my mun girl person just saw these come up on her "flist," whatever that means, and now she's gotta have me post them here. This first one, this is me on the day with the eclipse and Marcus Ellery and me and Fraser hanging out in the crypt with those cigar smuggler guys and the crazy old lady. Gladys. Yeah. But this is the morning, when I was getting ready, getting my game face on to meet Ellery, so I don't know why you'd want to watch that.

But she says I look hot. So okay.

This is from the case with the pirates. And the ship that went down with us trapped on board, and the gold, and the world's smallest goddamn sub, and the sailing ship and Fraser shooting that gun off, one-two-three-four. Fraser and me are happy, because that's all over and we just decided we're gonna stay partners. We were fighting before. So that's why we're grinning like we're on something.

Man, we look like dorks.

Fraser's hair's all messy. Ha.
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